Giulio Radi (Murano 1895-1952 Murano)
Founder & Director of the
Arte Vetraria Muranese (A.Ve.M.)

Giulio Radi, 1952 a “Reazioni Policroma” Vase A.Ve.M, Murano

Giulio Radi
a “Reazioni Policroma” Vase
Arte Vetraria Muranese
Italy 1952


Giulio Radi, Vase “a Reazioni Policroma”. Entwurf und Herstellung ca. 1952 bei Arte Vetraria Muranese (A.Ve.M.), Murano-Italien. Sehr seltenes, formgeblasenes Vasenobjekt in pentagonaler-fünfeckiger Flaschenform. Dickwandiges, kobaltblau gefärbtes Kristallglas mit spiralig umlaufender Bandeinschmelzung aus geborstener Silber- und Goldfolie, klar überfangen. Vasenmündung mit vertikalen Vertiefungen verziert, ringförmiger Abriss. Die Vasen-Modelle mit dem spiralförmig umlaufenden Silberfolienband wurden erstmalig auf der XXVI L’Esposizione Internazionale d’Arte, La Biennale di Venezia, 1952 präsentiert.

Literatur zum Objekt: Marc Heiremans “Murano-Glass im 20. Jahrhundert“ Seite 90. Verlag: Arnoldsche-Art Publishers, Stuttgart 1996. Marina Barovier, Rosa Barovier Mentasti, Attilia Dorigato “ Il Vetro di Murano alle Biennali 1895-1972”, Seite 66. Verlag: Leonardo Arte, Milano 1995.

Höhe ca. 29 cm, Durchmesser ca. 10 cm, Gewicht ca. 2,150 kg

Sehr guter Zustand (leichte Schiebespuren unter dem Stand)

Artikel Nr.: 0416256

Giulio Radi created and executed by Arte Vetraria Muranese (A.Ve.M.), Murano Italy in 1952. Very rare vase-object “a Reazioni Policroma” made of hand blown, cobalt blue tinted glass vases body in pentagonal-shaped bottle form, decorated with all around, spirally-form, large metal strip of burst silver- and gold foil, covered with an colorless glass layer. Vases neck decorated with indentations. Pontil in ring form. This vase-model whit the all around spirally-shaped silver foil ribbon was presented at the XXVI L’Esposizione Internazionale d’Arte, La Biennale di Venezia, 1952. Highest Quality! In excellent condition, with no cracks, chips or repairs.
11 2/4” H./ 4” Diam./ 4,739 lbs.

Giulo Radi founder and director of the glass factory A.Ve.M. from 1932 to 1952. Inventor and developer of the technique “reazione policroma”. He experimented with different expansion grades from gold and silver foils inclusions in combination with different layers of thick; vary glass and murrines which led to the celebrated, extraordinary effects. The most objects of this series, executed by master glassblower Luciano Ferro. After the untimely death from Giulio Radi in 1952, partner Aldo Nason continued and expanded these techniques, he developed the legendary “Yokahama” series of the 1960s.INTEREST IN THIS OBJECT RETURN TO GALLERY