Compagnia di Venezia e Murano (C.V.M.)

Compagnia di Venezia e Murano Centerpiece Collection Pauly & Cia. 1920

Compagnia di Venezia e Murano
a very rare Soffiato Dish
Collection Pauly & Cia.
Italy 1920

Compagnia di Venezia e Murano um 1920. Sehr großer und repräsentativer Tafelaufsatz. Dünnwandiges, optisch geblasenes, farbloses Kristallglas mit alternierenden Luftblasenbändern in der Glaszwischenschicht, großer, gerippter, hohl geblasener Nodus, schwarz-lila farbene Bandauflagen. Abrissnarben innen am Boden der Schale sowie an der Unterseite des Standes.

Höhe ca. 26,5 cm, Durchmesser ca. 44 cm, Gewicht ca. 2,3 kg

Sehr guter Zustand

Artikel Nr.: 0612163

Compagnia di Venezia e Murano (C.V.M.), Pauly & Cia. Murano-Italy executed in 1920s. Monumental, antique, art deco, soffiato glass bowl, centerpiece. Made of very thin opticial hand blown colorless glass. Body in bell form with beautifully-shaped node and spreading foot, rotating band covers made of deep-purple tinted glass. Interlayer-decor with alternating encased air bubbles. This piece comes directly from the sample room-pattern collection of the company Pauly & C. Venice (C.V.M.). Early pontil scar. In excellent condition no chips, crack or repairs.
10 3/4” H./ 17 1/3” Diam.