Carlo Scarpa – Architect & Glass Designer
(Venice 1906-1978 Sendai, Japan)

bei 682 × 1024 in .

Carlo Scarpa
a rare “Pennellate” Vase
Venini & C., Italy 1940


Carlo Scarpa (Entwurf) für Venini & C., Murano-Italien ca. 1940. Sehr seltenes Vasenobjekt “a Pennellate”, farbloses Kristallglas mit spiralig umlaufend, aufgeschmolzenen Bandauflagen aus opak-orangem und opak-weinrotem Glas. Leicht irisierende Oberfläche. (Modell Nr.: 3769)

Signiert mit “venini murano” (zweizeiliger Ätzstempel 1930-1945).

Literatur zum Objekt: Marino Barovier “Carlo Scarpa i vetri di un architetto” published by Skira, Milano, 1997, Seite 178, 223.

Höhe ca. 14,6 cm, Durchmesser ca. 14,6 cm, Gewicht ca. 0,356 kg

Sehr guter Zustand (leichte Schiebespuren unter dem Stand)

Artikel Nr.: 1215248

Carlo Scarpa created for Venini & C., Murano-Italy in 1940s. Very rare vase-object “a Pennellate” made of hand blown, colorless glass vases body in slightly curved bulb form, decorated with all around, spirally-form, large torn out color strips of opaque-orange and opaque wine-red glass applied, reminiscent of a brush-stroke (pennellata). This effect is obtained by adding small quantities of colored opaque glass during the blowing process and dragging them around the vase until the desired thinness is achieved, slightly iridescent overlay. (model number 3769) Signed: venini murano , two line acid stamp (1930-1945) to underside. Highest Quality! In excellent condition, with no cracks, chips or repairs.
5 3/4” H./ 5 3/4” Diam./ 0,8 lbs INTEREST IN THIS OBJECT RETURN TO GALLERY